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At Insights Counseling Services we encourage growth through creativity and expression. Below are some of the works of our clients in the form of poems, stories, art and crafts.


Please also see our Tell Your Story works from our PPD clients.



Children’s art therapy work

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But I Do It Again

Enemy, familiar, “friend ” yet the beginning of the end.

whispering deceit and it hurts her again.

What it makes her fear and what it makes her attempt.

Words it makes her speak and what it makes her conceal.

Things she sees and things she hears

Haunting daunting thoughts it makes her imagine.

All the pain she wants to stop, but she does it again.

And it finds her, the fight inside courses through her veins, it’s powerful.

The fight inside is shattering her once more.

She won’t make a sound.

Alone in this fight with herself and the doubts

whispering if she flees she’ll be caught.

She’s no longer the same, pursuing unwanted pain.

Is all of this worth going astray?

She wants to be found:

while it is determined to keep her lurking in the shadows, invisible.

She wants to give up this ardous game.

And fall down in tranquil sleep.

This is not me.

We both know how this painful game will end.

But I do it again



Touchstones are created as a memento from the journey we have taken through therapy or to represent an idea that we want to hold onto and remind us. This is often done as an activity for the final session of treatment to signify the close of one chapter and the beginning of another.

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These touchstones were created by one of our PPD moms who completed her treatment with great improvement.

She chose to represent her journey with the words “I have none- not one regret,” and “honesty, authentic.”


The Woman Said

The woman said

You ran and ran

Until you caught her

Didn’t you?

The love was always

In the desert

In the casino’s

In the lonely hotels

Back to California

To get my daughter

The love existed even in Jail

The love never flailed

Then came the injury

You still overcame

For ten years

Then came the tears

Tears of pain

The pills began too

Deterioration of self

Love of self

Trust of God

Hatred of mankind

One pill led to another kind

The first surgery failed

Back to work

Try again

More pills

After a couple of years

The injury re-occurs

Back to the doctor

Another surgery

The love endures

My body and soul

My heart is strong

For him
I keep working
I go crazy

The hospital takes me in

Love still endures

The methadone kicks in

The final pill

Our love takes a hit

His mind takes a hit

The kids know

They will endure and love their father

Chaos in our home

It must stop

I will make it

Will you still run?

I will run and run until you find me

I will wait for you to catch me again.

Because the love will never end.

The Hole


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