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Eddie Posadas

Eddie Posadas, LMFT

Eddie Posadas is an Air Force veteran who is passionate for helping people. He was born in the Philippines but was raised in Maryland. Eddie decided to serve in the Air Force shortly after high school where he became an Equal Opportunity Counselor, helping people who have been unlawfully discriminated against and sexually harassed in the workplace. After nine years serving, Eddie decided to continue with his Master’s in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy as a civilian. Eddie is experienced with working with people suffering with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, PTSD, and various trauma. 

Eddie believes that everyone can reach their full potential when one understands their inner self. Overcoming obstacles and challenges allows people to learn about their capabilities and how to be resilient.  He believes that people come from different walks of life and have their own unique stories to share. The Covid-19 pandemic was traumatic and challenging for Eddie. His experience with grief inspires him to help others who may also be struggling with coping with losing loved ones. Lastly, Eddie helps individuals and groups by discussing and finding out ways to returning to their healthy lifestyle and realizing their full potential.