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We Guide Your Path through Grief & Loss

Grief and bereavement can be experienced at any age and in any stage of life. When this happens, a period of mourning usually follows. Grief can be experienced due to any number of life events. Whether you’re going into retirement or going through a divorce, losing your job or even losing a loved one, we’re here for you to help guide you through your process.


People tend to experience some or all of these symptoms during major life transitions. We believe grief is a complicated and personal experience. Once thought to be a linear progression, we now know some or all of these stages may occur in multiples or not at all. In many life events, we learn to let go of the past in order to embrace the present and what possibilities it can bring to our future. This sometimes painful yet exhilarating re-shaping of identity can be done in a safe environment at Insights Counseling Group.

How We Can Help

Insights Counseling Group specializes in facilitating the mourning process. Whatever stage of life you’re in and whichever types of grief you’re going through, our team of professional and caring staff are here to work with you and help move you into your new life.

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